Funding Opportunities

The programs below are listed by college, but we encourage you to browse the entire list as some may be applicable to other colleges as well. Our list of funding opportunities will be updated monthly.

College of Health Professions


Community Partnerships to Advance Research

NIH 2/25/2019

Supports research that focuses on partnering with communities using Community Engaged Research methodologies that will enhance relationships leading to better interventions and positive health outcomes.

NLN Nursing Education Research Grant

National League for Nursing 2/4/2019

Focus is on building links between practice and education, developing rigorous research designs and creating leadership opportunities for faculty and nursing education research scholars.

Research Grants

Muscular Dystrophy Association

LOI: 12/15/2018

Proposal: 1/31/2019

Discovery research includes the search for understanding the causes of disease, unraveling pathways involved in disease, identifying novel drug targets, and testing new strategies to treat disease.

Emerging Research Grants

Hearing Health Foundation  1/15/2019 

Grantees advance scientific knowledge in the following under-reserched areas: Hearing Loss in Children, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Hyperacusis, Tinnitus, Ménière’s disease, Usher syndrome, making cancer drugs less ototoxic, and the links between hearing loss and diabetes, heart and kidney disease.

Communication Disorders Research Project

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders


This opportunity supports a cooperative agreement between an NIDCD Project Scientist and an investigator to support a clinical trial that meets ANY of the following criteria: requires FDA oversight, has annual direct costs equal to or greater than $500,000, that is intended to formally establish efficacy, or has a higher risk to potentially cause physical or psychological harm. 

Autism Secondary Data Analysis Research Program


Health Resources and Services Administration


Program supports secondary data analysis of existing publicly available and accessible national databases and/or administrative records to advance best practices and determine the evidence-based practices for interventions that improve the physical and behavioral health of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities (DD), referred to as ASD/DD.

Early Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)



LOI: 1/4/2019

Proposal: 2/4/2019

This FOA encourages applications that translate existing methods and findings of ASD risk assessment into objective, efficient, cost-effective screening tools for use in infants (0-12 months of age) that are readily deployable in the general population.


Department of Health and Human Services


The ANEW program supports academic clinical partnerships to educate and graduate primary care Nurse Practitioners (NP), clinical nurse specialists (CNS) and nurse midwives (NM) who are academically and clinically prepared for the unique challenges of transitioning from nursing school to practice in rural and underserved communities.

Arthritis and Aging Research Grant

Arthritis National Research Foundation/American Federation for Aging Research


Seeking grant applications that focus on studying the underlying mechanisms by which aging processes contribute to the development of arthritis. Studies are encouraged on the role of one or more of the hallmarks of aging that include mitochondrial dysfunction, genomic instability, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, telomere attrition and altered intercellular communication.

Small Research Grant Program


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


The AHRQ small grant is a mechanism for supporting discrete, well-defined projects that realistically can be completed within two years (or less) within the budget constraints of the mechanism. The AHRQ mission is to produce evidence to make health care safer, higher quality, more ac­cessible, equitable and affordable, and to work with HHS and other partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used.

College of Education


NEA Foundation Grants

NEA   2/1/2019

Student Achievement Grants support initiatives that improve academic achievement. Learning & Leadership Grants support high-quality professional development. Preference is currently being given to projects that incorporate STEM and/or global learning, as well as projects with leads/partners that are education support professionals.

Typical and Atypical Patterns of Language & Literacy in Dual Language Learners

NIH 2/16/2019

Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of advances in the language sciences and related fields to identify and clarify specific cognitive, linguistic, neurobiological, and sociocultural factors associated with normal and impaired language and literacy acquisition in young DLL populations.

Small Research Grants

Spencer Foundation 2/1/2019

The Small Research Grants program aims to support smaller scale or pilot research projects that have budgets of $50,000 or less. Proposals are encouraged from scholars across a variety of disciplines in an effort to fund field-initiated education research.

Summer Seminars and Institutes

NEH 2/14/2019

NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes grants broaden and deepen understanding of the humanities in supporting professional development programs, specifically designed for a national audience of K-12 educators or college and university faculty. The programs provide one- to four-week opportunities for participants to explore a variety of topics relevant to K-12 or undergraduate education in the humanities.

Landmarks of American History and Culture: Workshops for School Teachers

NEH 2/14/2019

The Landmarks of American History and Culture program supports a series of one-week workshops for a national audience of K-12 educators that enhance and strengthen humanities teaching. Projects employ a place-based approach, teaching historic sites through critical interpretation in order to explore central themes in American history and government, as well as in literature, art, music, and related humanities subjects.

Grant Program American Honda Federation (AHF) 2/1/2019

AHF engages in grant making that reflects the basic tenets, beliefs and philosophies of Honda companies, which are characterized by the following qualities: imaginative, creative, youthful, forward-thinking, scientific, humanistic and innovative. We support youth education with a specific focus on the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in addition to the environment.

Institute of Education Sciences (IES): Low-Cost, Short-Duration Evaluation of Education Interventions

Department of Education 3/7/2019

In awarding these grants, IES intends to provide national leadership in expanding fundamental knowledge and understanding of (1) developmental and school readiness outcomes for infants and toddlers with or at risk for a disability, (2) education outcomes for all students from early childhood education through postsecondary and adult education, and (3) employment and wage outcomes when relevant.

Institute of Education Sciences (IES): Low-Cost, Short-Duration Evaluation of Special Education Interventions

Department of Education 3/7/2019

In awarding these grants, IES intends to provide national leadership in expanding fundamental knowledge and understanding of (1) developmental and school readiness outcomes for infants and toddlers with or at risk for a disability, (2) education outcomes for all students from early childhood education through postsecondary and adult education, and (3) employment and wage outcomes when relevant.

Research Foundation Grants

National Council of Teachers of English 3/15/2019

Seeking proposals focusing on underrepresented populations, equity pedagogies, curriculum changes and the effect these changes have on students, school policies, changes in teaching methods, student interaction and learning, community literacy, home-school literacy relationships, after-school programs, student literacy practices in and out of school, and other relevant topics of study. Applicants must be current members of NCTE.

College of Business & Economics 


Economic Literacy Grants Program

Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc. 2/15/2018

Supports a wide range of projects aimed at increasing economic literacy, especially the best way to teach the subject; the impact of economic education; encouragement of youth/young adults to participate in the economic system after finishing school.

Science of Organizations

NSF 2/4/2019

Successful SoO research proposals use scientific methods to develop and refine theories, to empirically test theories and frameworks, and to develop new measures and methods. Funded research is aimed at yielding generalizable insights that are of value to the business practitioner, policy-maker and research communities.

Investor Education Grant Program

FINRA Investor Education Foundation 1/1/2019

Projects are encouraged in: using behavioral finance to improve saving and investing; meeting financial and investor education needs of underserved audiences; creating new marketing and distribution channels for financial and investor education; and helping retirees manage finances.



NSF 1/18/2019

Supports research in almost every area of economics, including econometrics, economic history, environmental economics, finance, industrial organization, international economics, labor economics, macroeconomics, mathematical economics, and public finance.

Economic Freedom Research Grants

Koch (Charles G.) Charitable Foundation LOIs accepted year-round, proposals due upon invication

Priority is for projects that find market-based solutions to problematic social issues. For research, the foundation primarily funds areas of economics, history, philosophy, political science, and organizational behavior.

Decision, Risk, and Management Sciences

NSF  1/18/2019 

Supports research projects, dissertation research, workshops, and small grants for time-sensitive and high-risk projects to increase understanding and effectiveness of decision making by individuals, groups, organizations, and society. Topics of interest include judgment and decision making; decision analysis and decision aids; risk analysis, perception, and communication; societal and public policy decision making; management science and organizational design.

Opportunity title Sponsor due date description

ADVANCE: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers


 LOI: 12/12/2018

Proposal: 1/9/2019

The goals of the ADVANCE program are (1) to develop systemic approaches to increase the representation and advancement of women in academic STEM careers; (2) to develop innovative and sustainable ways to promote gender equity that involve both men and women in the STEM academic workforce; and (3) to contribute to the research knowledge base on gender equity and the intersection of gender and other identities in STEM academic careers. 

The Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS)

NSF Proposal's accepted anytime

IOS supports research aimed at understanding why organisms are structured the way they are and function as they do. Grants will fund various areas of inquiry. Proposals should focus on organisms as a fundamental unit of biological organization.

Environmental Education Mini Grants

Chesapeake Bay Trust 1/10/2019

The program funds up to $5,000 for projects that involve students investigating a local environmental issue, problem, or phenomenon through indoor and outdoor research culminating in developing solutions and taking action in their school or community. It also aims to build teacher capacity and comfort in leading environmental education programs by funding the attendance to or development of professional development trainings for educators.

Plant Biotic Interactions

NSF Proposals accepted anytime

Notice seeking proposals ​for research on the processes that mediate beneficial and antagonistic interactions between plants and their viral, bacterial, oomycete, fungal, plant, and invertebrate symbionts, pathogens and pests. This program supports projects focused on current and emerging model and non-model systems, and agriculturally relevant plants.

Infrastructure Capacity for Biology

NSF Proposals accepted anytime

Notice seeking proposals to support the development, expansion, or improvement of infrastructure that will enable fundamental research within the biological sciences. Infrastructure supported under this solicitation may include cyberinfrastructure, instrumentation, biological collections, living stocks, field stations, marine labs, or other resources that are shared and openly accessible.

Mathematical Sciences Infrastructure Program

 NSF 12/17/2018 

The program supports projects that positively influence the entire community, most often those cutting across multiple sub-disciplines.  The Infrastructure Program seeks to fund novel projects that can have a large impact by promoting partnerships, broadening participation, and/or serving as models to be replicated.

Grants-in-Aid and Research Grants

Whitehall Foundation 1/15/2019, 4/15/2019

Supports basic research in vertebrate and invertebrate (excluding clinical) neurobiology in the U.S. Grants-in-Aid provide up to $30,000 for one year to researchers at the assistant professor level or senior researchers who have not received significant funding.

Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program

Dreyfus (Camille and Henry) Foundation, Inc. 2/7/2019

The Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program provides an unrestricted research grant of $75,000 for the teaching and research careers of talented young faculty in the chemical sciences. Institutions that grant a bachelor's or higher degree in the chemical sciences, including biochemistry, materials chemistry, and chemical engineering are eligible to submit one nomination annually.

Cyberlearning for Work at the Human-Technology Frontier



The purpose of the Cyberlearning for Work at the Human-Technology Frontier program is to fund exploratory and synergistic research in learning technologies to prepare learners to excel in work at the human-technology frontier. This program responds to the pressing societal need to educate and re-educate learners of all ages in STEM content areas to ultimately function in highly technological environments, including in collaboration with intelligent systems.

Internet Freedom Annual Program Statement


Department of State


Request for Statements of Interest (RSOI) from organizations interested in submitting Statements of Interest (SOI) for programs that support Internet Freedom.

Research Coordination Networks in Undergraduate Biology Education



The goal of the RCN program is to advance a field or create new directions in research or education by supporting groups of investigators to communicate and coordinate their research, training, and educational activities across disciplinary, organizational, geographic, and international boundaries.

International Travel Grants


American Astronomical Society


Provides funding for airline travel for individuals at U.S. institutions to travel to international science meetings, and contemporaneous symposia.

Reducing Marine Plastic Pollution


National Geographic


The goal of this RFP is to measurably reduce plastic pollution before it reaches the ocean. We seek conservationists, educators, researchers, storytellers, and technologists who develop or pilot solutions that actively stop or reduce the stream of pollution into waterways, including by effecting behavior change in key stakeholders.

CISE Community Research Infrastructure




This program drives discovery and learning in the core CISE disciplines of the three participating divisions [(Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF), Computer and Network Systems (CNS), and Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS)] by funding the creation and enhancement of world-class research infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure




The objective of this program is to develop, deploy and integrate security solutions that benefit the scientific community by ensuring the integrity, resilience and reliability of the end-to-end scientific workflow. There are three project categories.

​​​​​Education and Human Resources Core Research



This program invites proposals for fundamental research (basic research or use-inspired basic research) that advances knowledge in one or more of the three Research Tracks: Research on STEM Learning and Learning Environments, Research on Broadening Participation in STEM fields, and Research on STEM Workforce Development.

Mathematics Travel Grants


Association for Women in Mathematics


Enabling women mathematicians to attend conferences in their fields provides them a valuable opportunity to advance their research activities and their visibility in the research community.

College of Liberal Arts

opportunity title sponsor due date description

Foreign Policy Research Grants

Koch (Charles G.) Charitable Foundation LOIs accepted year-round, proposals due upon invitation

Supports academic and public policy research directed at solving significant social problems through voluntary action and free enterprise. Priority is for projects that find market-based solutions to problematic social issues. For research, the foundation primarily funds areas of economics, history, philosophy, political science, and organizational behavior.

Public Policy Grants Program

Sarah Scaife Foundation 1/1/2019

Foundation’s grant program is primarily directed toward public policy programs that address major domestic and international issues.

AHA Research Grants

American Historical Association  2/15/2019

Supports several small research grants in the following areas: history of the Western hemisphere; colonial American history, with particular reference to the intercultural aspects of American and European relations; U.S. legal history and the field of law and society; and history of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Only AHA members are eligible to apply for these grants.

Human Origin/Evolution Research Grants

 Leakey (L.S.B.) Foundation 1/10/2019 

Supports research on human origins and evolution, including paleoanthropology, genetics, primate behavior ecology and morphology, and studies of modern hunter-gatherer groups.


Psychotic Disorders Research Program

 NIH 1/1/2019, 4/1/2019 

Program goals are to discover mechanisms that transform vulnerability characteristics into active illness; to identify valid markers of illness onset; to develop psychometrically sound methods for assessing the cognitive, affective, and behavioral response systems believed to underpin clinical symptoms and functional impairments; and ultimately to channel scientific findings from each of these areas into the development of effective methods of mental illness prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Linguistics Program

NSF 1/15/2019

Supports basic science in the domain of human language, encompassing investigations of the grammatical properties of individual human languages and of natural language in general. Research areas include syntax, semantics, morphology, phonetics, and phonology.

Digital Extension Grants

American Council of Learned Societies


This program supports digitally based research projects in all disciplines of the humanities and related social sciences. It is hoped that these grants will advance humanistic scholarship by enhancing established digital projects and extending their reach to new communities of users.

Wayne F. Placek Grants


American Psychological Foundation


The Wayne F. Placek Grant encourages research to increase the general public's understanding of homosexuality and sexual orientation, and to alleviate the stress that lesbian women, gay men, bisexual women, bisexual men and transgender individuals experience in this and future civilizations.

Digital Humanities Advancement Grants


NEH 1/15/2019

Supports digital projects at different stages throughout their lifecycles, from early start-up phases through implementation and sustainability. Experimentation, reuse, and extensibility are hallmarks of this program, leading to innovative work that can scale to enhance scholarly research, teaching, and public programming in the humanities.

National Digital Newspaper Program


NEH 1/10/2019

NEH seeks proposals from institutions to participate in the creation of a national, digital resource of historically significant newspapers from all the states and U.S. territories published between 1836 and 1922.

F.J. McGuigan Early Career Investigator Research Grant on Understanding the Human Mind


American Psychological Foundation


Supports the efforts of an early career psychological scientist who is pursuing research that aims to address any aspect of mental function (e.g., cognition, affect, motivation) and seeks to understand the mind from both a behavioral and neural perspective.

Social Psychology


NSF 1/15/2019

Supports basic research on human social behavior, including cultural differences and development over the life span. Among the many research topics supported are: attitude formation and change, social cognition, personality processes, interpersonal relations and group processes, the self, emotion, social comparison and social influence, and the psychophysiological and neurophysiological bases of social behavior.

  NEH 1/9/2019

The Media Projects program supports documentary film, television, radio, and podcast projects that engage public audiences with humanities ideas in creative and appealing ways.

Research Support Grants


Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America


The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America offers a variety of research grants to support new scholarship on women, gender, and sexuality.

College of Fine Arts & Communication

Opportunity title sponsor due date description

Academy Film Scholars

Academy Grants Program 1/31/2018

Academy Film Scholars grants are awarded to scholars (both academically affiliated and non-affiliated) to support significant new works of film scholarship.

Artist Residencies

Yaddo 1/1/2019

Over the next two years, Yaddo is undertaking the stabilization of the iconic Trask Mansion. The resident artist program will continue as usual throughout this period, although the Mansion will not be available as a residence. 

AMS Subventions for Publications, Awards, and Research and Travel Grants

American Musicological Society

Travel/Research Grants: 4/2/2019

Publication Subvention: 2/15/2019

Supports individuals with expenses involved in the publication of works of musical scholarship. Goal is to defray costs not covered by publishers. Proposals that utilize newer technologies are encouraged. Also provides small Travel and Research Grants.

International Research Travel Grants

Terra Foundation


Grant funding is available for projects that require study of materials outside the United States.

British Art Grants

Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art


The program supports scholarship, academic research and the dissemination of knowledge in the field of British art and architectural history from the medieval period to the present, although all supported topics must have an historical perspective.

Ansel Adams Research Fellowship

Center for Creative Photography


Awards up to $2,500 to promote new knowledge about photography and the history of photography.


Opportunity title sponsor due date description

NIH Blueprint Program for Enhancing Neuroscience Diversity through Undergraduate Research Education Experiences


LOI: 1/15/2019

Proposals: 2/15/2019

Notice seeking applications to support efforts to provide institutional awards to develop neuroscience research education programs comprised of collaborative partnerships integrated across different educational institution types in order to prepare undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to enter Ph.D. degree programs in the neurosciences.

Abilene Travel Grants Program

Eisenhower Foundation


Supports travel to Abilene, Kansas, not to exceed $1,000, where researchers may use the Dwight D. Eisenhower presidential library. Allows research of primary sources in history, government, economics, communications, and international affairs.

NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health (G13 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)


LOI: 1/26/2019

Proposal: 2/26/2019

NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health are awarded for the preparation of book-length manuscripts and other works of academic and/or public health policy value to U.S. health professionals, public health officials, biomedical researchers and historians of the health sciences.

If you are interested in requesting assistance in your search for funding a specific project, please contact Katherine Fusick at  with a project abstract/summary.