Research & Creative Inquiry Forum

Every April, OURCI hosts the Student Research & Creative Inquiry Forum, a celebration of research, innovation, scholarship and creativity. 

Undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines present their research and creative activities at the university’s annual celebration of student scholarship. The 2018 Research & Creative Inquiry Forum will be held on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.  All members of the university community are encouraged to attend and the event is open to the public. 

Forum Eligibility Information

We strive to include as diverse an array of presentations as we can gather, so research is broadly defined as any academic activity resulting in a product. Presentations from all departments of the university are accepted and encouraged. This includes research done in pursuit of a class paper; project; or activity; a thesis; or an independent study. 

Forum Application Information

The application to participate in the 2018 Research & Creative Inquiry Forum as a presenter will become available early next year.

Generally, applications must include an abstract, as this is your opportunity to state your goals and summarize your research, activities and results. You must have a faculty mentor in order to present at the Forum.  Questions regarding the application may be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry at .

advice on completing the application

  • Look at previous abstracts from your department or college for guidance on how to develop an abstract.
  • In preparing your application, you should be clear and explanatory as the reviewers have only your abstract to determine the nature of your proposed presentation for the Forum.
  • If you are planning to exhibit artwork, it is helpful to include a digital picture with the abstract. Film presenters should both describe the film in the abstract and submit a copy of the film for evaluation. Theatrical performers should include a script, etc.

Poster Presentation Information

The maximum space allotment for poster presentations will accommodate posters 48 inches (4 feet) wide by 48 inches (4 feet) high. However, the ideal poster size is 36 inches (3 feet) by 48 inches (4 feet). The resources below outline how to organize information, prepare a visually-appealing poster, and how to discuss your findings in a conference or event setting.

resources for poster development