Cost of Attendance & Scholarships

Proof of Financial Resources for I-20/DS-2019 Issuance

In order to create and issue I-20s, our office must have proof of financial resources for at least one year of studies at Towson University, as well as a Statement of Willingness indicating sufficient funding for the duration of studies. The ISSO can accept electronic copies of financial documents; we retain the right to request original financial documents under any and all circumstances.

Estimated Expenses: Undergraduate and Graduate Students for 2017-2018

The tables below show a breakdown of estimated costs and expenses for undergraduate and graduate students. Final rates for each academic year are approved and published in June. View additional information about Estimated Expenses for 2017-2018 (PDF) for undergraduate, graduate and English Language Center students and dependents. Up-to-date payment schedules, due dates and installment plans are available from the Bursar’s Office.

Estimated annual Costs for 2017-2018 Undergraduate and graduate Students

Expenses Undergraduate
(9 months)
(12 months)
Tuition/Fees $22,100 $17,200
Living Expenses* $18,300 $21,100
Total $40,400 $38,300

Estimated annual costs for 2017-2018 English Language Center Students

Tuition/Fees $4,100 $8,200
Living Expenses* $7,900 $18,300
Total $12,000 $26,500
*Living expenses include costs of housing, food, health insurance and books. Calculations are based on financial aid and bursar estimates and are subject to change. The Towson University Board of Regents will set final rates until June of each year.

Undergraduate International Student Scholarship

Towson University offers a merit scholarship to new, qualifying international freshman and transfer students demonstrating a GPA equivalent to a 3.5 on a U.S. academic scale and a TOEFL score of 77 or IELTS score of 6.5. 

Students who complete their application to Towson University are automatically considered for this scholarship and are not required to submit any additional requirements to be awarded the scholarship. 

Graduate Student Assistantships

Graduate students who are admitted to Towson University and are in good academic standing are invited to apply for graduate assistantships. These competitive opportunities can help students gain valuable work experience and offset the cost of some or all of their tuition costs. For more information, please visit Graduate Assistantship.