Support Services

Students collaborate

Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center provides information on the university's academic policies, procedures and requirements, and also supports the advising needs of students. Advisers assist students in developing academic goals, planning programs, selecting courses, investigating majors and meeting standards.

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center provides free tutoring for students having difficulty with their course work and supplemental computer-assisted instruction in accounting and study skills.

African American Cultural Center

The African American Cultural Center sponsors programs and activities that reflect the history and culture of people of African descent. Also houses an extensive collection of African-American art, journals, newspapers, books and recordings.

Asian Arts & Culture Center

The Asian Arts & Culture Center serves as a key resource for students and faculty in such fields as art history, Asian studies, music and philosophy. The center regularly hosts exhibitions, lectures, workshops, films and concerts.

Campus Security

Campus Security  oversees security on campus 24 hours a day throughout the year. They also provide safety information seminars, evening escorts, a bicycle registration program and referrals to medical, legal and social services.

Career Center

The Career Center holds an extensive library of information and materials on employers, job search tips and resume preparation, and also offers advising, workshops, seminars and other assistance to help students succeed in the job search process.

Center for Student Diversity

The Center for Student Diversity works to assure that the needs and concerns of minorities are recognized, responded to and reflected in academic and social policies and programs.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a variety of professional services to assist students in resolving emotional problems, learning new personal and social skills, and working toward developing career and personal goals.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services provides services that afford students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the educational environment. Students with disabilities should register with the Disability Support Services office immediately after admission to ensure the timely provision of required support services. All university programs and activities are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

English Language Center

The English Language Center (ELC) provides quality instruction to non-native speakers seeking to become competent in English for academic, business or personal reasons. The administrators, faculty and staff have developed an excellent curriculum as well as social activities and a support system to meet the diverse needs of the student body.

International Student and Scholar Office

The International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) provides services and programs to international students and scholars (researchers, guests and visiting faculty), offering help with visa applications and all immigration matters, as well as guidance on cross-cultural adjustment, success in the American academic environment, the use of university services and more.

Health Center

The Health Center provides high-quality outpatient medical care. International students are strongly encouraged to purchase health insurance to cover the costs of services that are not provided at the Health Center, as health care in the United States is costly. Detailed information on health insurance is provided during the International Student Orientation.

Study Abroad Office

The Study Abroad Office provides all students with high quality international academic opportunities that allow them to develop knowledge and skills needed to become productive and successful members of the global community. Opportunities to study abroad are available in most countries, and in a wide range of academic disciplines.

Women's Resources Program

The Women's Resources Program offers a variety of services and activities throughout the academic year as well as a library and drop-in lounge, open to men and women for study, conversation or informal meetings.