Alexa Bell

The coolest thing I’ve heard someone say about Towson University                                   

I have heard many students and alumni say that Towson University is like one big family. From the students, faculty, staff, and alumni, the support system is very unique throughout TU’s campus. I love walking around the Baltimore area in my Towson swag!

Why I work in Admissions                                                                             

I have always had a passion for working with others and I always try to provide support and encouragement with every student I meet. When I was an undergraduate student, I volunteered in my college’s admissions department and saw the many ways in which an admission counselor can make an impact on a student’s transition from high school to college. Upon graduation, I decided to work in admissions because I enjoy helping students work towards and achieve their personal goals. For many students, this is their first exposure to higher education and being a resource for them is the most beneficial aspect of working in admissions.

What I like most about my job                                                                        

I love when prospective students stay in contact with me throughout their application process. Seeing a student interested in Towson and then seeing them apply and get accepted is a very rewarding aspect of my job.

Something you may not know about Towson University                

Although Towson University has over 22,000 students, it has some very unique and advantageous small school benefits! When I first started to work here, I was blown away with the amount of personalized academic advising accessible to students. Furthermore, professors at this institution will go out of their way to mentor students throughout their years at Towson.

My advice to anyone who’s applying                                                              

My best advice is to get to know your regional counselor and to never be afraid to ask questions. For most students applying to college, this is their first exposure to higher education. When I was applying to colleges, I wish I would have asked more questions and stayed in contact with my counselors because I can now see the added benefit. Asking the appropriate questions will be very helpful throughout the application process to ensure that both you and your family feel comfortable applying to Towson. Your counselor is always willing to take the extra step to assure that Towson is the right fit for you! 


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