Ciara Webb

Ciara Webb
Admissions Counselor

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What I like most about my job.  
I am passionate about being able to establish relationships with students and their families to help navigate the college enrollment process. It gives me motivation when I can help students envision their future as a Towson Tiger! 

The coolest thing I’ve heard someone say about Towson U.
A former TU student, whom I befriended during our time at TU together, recently shared with me that part of the reason they were able to become comfortable enough in their self-identity to begin transitioning was because of the community that they became a part of while at TU. 

Something you may not know about TU.
If you’re a foodie, you will love this area! Baltimore’s food scene is unmatched. Who doesn’t love food?! 

My warm and fuzzy moment.
I am from Baltimore, so campus was only a 25-minute drive or 45-minute bus ride. As a freshman I was very shy and nervous about moving to campus without knowing anyone. I was sure that I would go home frequently. After a week of being on campus, I never wanted to go home. Not on weekends, not for holidays, or even special events. Campus is where I wanted to be. That was my home.

My own student experiences helped prepare me for my job. 
As a high school student, I chose TU because it felt like home. Once I stepped foot on campus, I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to attend.  As a women’s basketball player, I was able to represent what it meant to be a Towson Tiger every single day. I am beyond excited to return to my alma mater and help those students who are where I once was. 

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