Therm James Jr.

Therm James
 Admissions Counselor

Contact Information:
Phone: 410-704-3693

How my student experiences prepared me for my job.
I remember what it was like searching for the perfect college or university. Choosing the campus that best fit all facets of my life was extremely important to me. Attending lectures, performing in stage productions, playing basketball, and mentoring incoming freshmen is a part of what makes college such a great experience.  When leaving college you should be a better person in every aspect of your life.

Why I work in Admissions.
I believe that it is our job to help as many people as we can here on earth. In my role as an admissions counselor, I’m allowed the opportunity to fulfill this duty each day. I’ve always enjoyed helping others turn their dreams into reality. Working at Towson University provides me the opportunity to help guide some of the brightest students in the nation to achieve their lifelong goal of attending college. It is my pleasure to watch the excitement that students have when beginning this amazing journey.

Something you may not know about Towson U.
The university has 30+ multicultural organizations. This speaks to the campus commitment to create a diverse atmosphere to represent the world we live in! 

My advice to anyone who's applying. 
Show everything that you have to offer as a person. We want students who are academically engaged and active on campus. Let us know how you plan on making a lasting impact in the Towson University community.