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Samples of work created by Art Services.

Requesting Our Services 

Art Services is a self-supported department. All services provided by our department are charged back to the requesting unit, business or individual. Design and production charges are based on the time required to produce the work and materials used. The costs can be charged back to a five-digit department code or a seven-digit non-departmental account such as student or employee ID numbers, TU Foundation accounts or non-TU organizations. Please let us know if you are working with a TU Foundation account so that charges do not go against your department.

How to Get Started

Each project is custom tailored to the client’s unique needs. You may submit a request by email for phone.   If you choose to submit your order via email, please follow up with a phone call to make sure we received, and understand your order.  Should you wish to discuss your project with us in person, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

When you come to start a job please supply the following:

• Your copy in an electronic format. While we can work from handwritten or typed copy it will unnecessarily increase your cost. Please bring your document on a disk or flash drive. It may also be emailed to

• Specific art. Any photos, logos, graphics and signatures you would like to use in your piece. A few things should be considered when selecting your art: Photographs of campus events can be coordinated through or obtained from TU Photographic Services. We can also take the photos for you. Full resolution images can be emailed directly to us. Stock photography is good if you already have it; if not, we have many sources.

• Logos, photos and graphics from the web are usually not usable. The resolution of images on the web is much too low for standard printing and is impossible for large format printing.

• Accepted file formats. InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, GIF, Word, Excel. Please keep in mind that enlarging from Word or Excel files is unpredictable; we suggest converting the file to a pdf. We cannot use Publisher files unless converted to pdf.

Note that we cannot use copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.

How long do things take to produce?

The turn-around time for most projects, including posters, flyers, and banners, is five business days.

Print ready files that need no other work are usually same-day or next-day service.

More complex projects involving large quantities and/or offset printing will take longer to produce. Keep in mind that in addition to time needed to do the original design, revisions and proofreading take time. Off campus printing often takes about two weeks from the time they receive the files to delivery. Please allow time for mailing. Typically bulk-mail will need two or three days for processing, and then the USPS will take about one to seven days to deliver your piece if it goes out standard presort.