Account Collection

Outstanding Account Balance

If you have a university account balance in excess of $250, you will not be allowed to register for classes on campus.

The Bursar’s Office performs account collection for the university. A collection effort will be made to satisfy any unpaid charges that are identified as delinquent. eBill statements and paper correspondence may be utilized in this effort.

If the Bursar’s Office collection efforts are unsuccessful, or if any mail correspondence is returned by the USPS as undeliverable, the account will be transferred to the Central Collection Unit of the State of Maryland (CCU). A late collection fee of $25 will be imposed and a collection fee not to exceed 20 percent will be charged to the transferred account. This debt may be reported to the credit bureaus. All university services and privileges, including transcript and diploma requests, will be suspended until the outstanding debt with the university or CCU has been satisfied in full.

A $50 penalty fee is assessed when a check or eCheck/ACH payment for fees, fines or services is returned unpaid by the bank for any reason. Failure to reimburse the university for an uncollectable check or eCheck/ACH may result in class schedules being cancelled.