Course Descriptions

Family African Dance

This family friendly, high energy dance class is a great way to reconnect and share a new experience together through dance. Our traditional West African Dance class is appropriate for all ages and dance abilities.  Classes will be offered via ZOOM for six weeks only!

Ballet Technique

Oldest codified technique to date; classes will focus primarily on developing a strong technical foundation, while emphasizing proper alignment, strength, and musicality.

Modern Technique

Derived from Ballet Technique, Modern Dance has evolved as a self-expressive art form drawing influence from all dance forms past and present, as well as music, theater, and the fine arts. Students will gain a strong technical base, in addition to enhance their improvisational and partnering skills.

Jazz Technique

Classes will focus on strong Jazz technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of Jazz isolations, syncopated rhythms and stylistic approach in execution of movement.

Tap Technique

A truly American dance form, Tap dance is a combination of Irish Step Dancing and African dance developed during the 1900s in the U.S. Students will be introduced to basic tap dance technique, while developing rhythmic skills and musicality.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is a social style of dance derived from hip hop culture: music, clothing, and language.  Students will learn basic hip hop forms like popping, locking and breaking.  Isolation and Improvisation skills will also be taught.



New to dance or is interested in re-establishing their knowledge and technical skill. Instruction will move at a slow to moderate progression.


Prior dance knowledge and experience is suggested. Instruction will move at a quicker pace at a moderate technical skill


Extensive dance knowledge and experience is suggested. Instruction will move at an advanced pace and technical skill.



TU Community Dance

Center for the Arts
Room 1002V