The art displayed below is part of the Senior Show Fall 2020. Artists include: Alyssa Anoweck, Stevi Burkett, Lanisa Dietrich, Benjamin Harris, Alena Lattik, Gabe Marte, Madeline Ramsay, Nick Riley and Heaton Schreiber.

Alyssa Anoweck | Gaming Buddies

Alyssa Anoweck is an Illustration student at Towson University who has a passion for digital art and dabbling in the addition of animation to their works. When they are not crocheting, they love to explore people and how they interact. Their work is simple but tries to capture the feelings and moods of people and how communities interact in their niches. This pushes many of their works to revolve around people and their hobbies. One can find Alyssa either drawing, watching anime or fishing in Animal Crossing.

Stevi Burkett | Letters to Loved Ones

Stevi Burkett is a digital illustrator currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland. She has had a love of art and color from the moment she was old enough to hold a crayon. She finds the most inspiration in the people in her life and the world around her. She views the world as a beautiful and colorful place and reflects that in her work. Her project this semester was made to create specific images for her loved ones to serve as thank you notes for those who have been the most supportive of her endeavors in her life.

Lanisa Dietrich | Concept Art & Design

My work takes on the relationship between reality and surrealism, and the ability to create a unique fantasy atmosphere. A lot of my inspiration comes from video games and movies that strive to put the viewer in a completely different world, where the fabrics of reality is not binding, and any idea can come to fruition. All I need to do is just imagine it. When I began my career, I realized how great I am at capturing the hearts and minds of children thanks to our mutual love for Disney and Universal Studios’ creations. Most of my work attracts fans from the My Little Pony franchise, and eventually breaking out into other interests. My goal is to create personal art for clients and possibly become a concept artist for movie companies such as Disney/Pixar or DreamWorks, or video game companies like Bethesda Studios or RiotGames.

Benjamin Harris

My work seeks to engage the viewer in a conversation about the current state of urban minority culture, through the lens of familiar Black cultural narratives.  The use of strong traditional line work with the addition of light digital rendering and strong saturated colors, has a close relationship to the critique I wish to have on contemporary Black values as defined through contemporary media versus more conservative values as defined by religion and tradition.  Through the use of classic entertainment tropes, modern fashion, sensual and relatable characters, as well as symbols of wealth, ownership and opulence; I invite the audience to both celebrate and critically evaluate the impact of hip hop, wealth and perceived success, on contemporary urban and Black peoples and culture.

Alena Lattik

Alena enjoys rendering realistic scenes that have an interesting play of color and light as well as more surreal works that require design and stylization problem solving. Regardless of the type of work, she is creating images that someone can engage with, intellectually or emotionally. Her recent work has focused places where industry meets nature and how humans interact with the natural world around them. She hopes to make work that can contribute to the environmental movement, while bringing joy. Most of her experience is with 2d traditional media and digital illustrations however, she is working hard to make my hand lettering and mural portfolio just as large.

Gabe Marte | Zine Diptych

Gabe Marte is an illustrator based in and around Baltimore, Maryland. Born and raised in the Philippines until age 7, he takes heavy inspiration from the adventures of his childhood and the struggles of being a first-generation immigrant. As a lover of rugged and sketchy textures, his artistic process is based on developing traditional drawings and textures, then coloring them digitally. Gabe’s first zine of the semester, “716M658,” functions as both an open letter to his father, and a lament for the struggles of bridging the gap between Filipino and American cultures. The second zine, “Missing Pieces,” illustrates a feeling of identity erasure and the longing he feels for the extended family he inadvertently left behind. 

Madeline Ramsay | Nexus

Maddy Ramsay is an Illustrative student at Towson University and has always had a passion for drawing and painting. Growing up on the East Coast, her works are inspired by her surroundings such as nature, people, and events. Maddy’s art varies from portraits, to landscapes, to conceptual art. Her goal with this project was to incorporate real people into fictional worlds and portray their stories. Maddy wants to show realism with a touch of fantasy to relay that we can make our own stories, no matter how out of this world they are.

Nick Riley | The Journalist

Nick Riley is an illustration student at Towson University who, like many others, decided to drop his attempts to become a scientist and pursue his passion for art. This quirky character likes long walks on the beach and spending countless hours honing his skills for his craft. Though detail is important, his inspiration for art comes from impressionist and expressionist ideals. His works portray mostly natural subjects like landscapes and animals, but he often works with ideas of fantasy in mind. His works are made with intent to show the beauty of the natural world and put forth ideas of conservation and respect for the environment.

Heaton Schreiber | An Approaching Future

Heaton Schreiber is an illustration student at Towson University who could not decide If he wanted to go into architecture or not. He enjoys walks in the forest and speaking to absolutely no one for long stretches of time (also drawing). He gets caught up in the little details, often to the point of missing his goals for a piece. His works focus on environments, he hates including characters, but will reluctantly do it when pressed. He has a love for science-fantasy and brings much of those influences into his work.