Get Involved

Osher members have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities outside of the academic offerings.

African American male Osher members talking to female Osher member


Trips to museums, historic homes and other places of interest in the Baltimore area and beyond provide additional learning experiences as well as social and cultural opportunities.

Male and Female Osher members talking over coffee

Social Activities

Enjoy conversations over coffee and sweets between classes or eat with others during the lunchtime break to experience friends, new and old. Luncheons at area restaurants provide further opportunities for fun and enhancement of social relationships.

Groups and Clubs

All Osher members are welcome to attend these opportunities. Meetings take place at 7400 York Road.

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Interest Groups
  • “The World We Live in” meets every Tuesday, 1-3 p.m. This group discusses contemporary national and international issues, and meets weekly year-round.
  • “Writing Our Lives” is a facilitator-led memoir writing group that provides inspiration, encouragement, and feedback in a friendly setting.
Book Clubs

Book clubs meet monthly when classes are not in session.