Steven Rogers

Continuing Education Registrar & Technology Manager


Contact Information

Center for Professional Studies


Steven joined the Center for Professional Studies (CPS) in 2014 and is responsible for managing and maintaining the CPS Learning Management System. His responsibilities include managing student registration, engagement, and records; generating reports as required; collaborating with eLearning specialists and instructional designers to create effective eLearning courses; creation and maintenance of course schedule and catalog; and supporting assigned CPS projects as directed.

Steven is experienced in eLearning applications, database management systems, web development and design, Adobe Creative Cloud, and data modeling.


Steven holds a B.S. in economics from Towson University and is currently working on graduate coursework in applied information technology.


Steven enjoys woodworking, snowboarding, baseball/hockey games, and running and biking around downtown Baltimore.

Fun Fact

What are three websites everyone should have bookmarked?,,