Division of Innovation & Applied Research

The Division includes a team of 70 expert researchers, technologists, and outreach professionals who create customized solutions that are focused on solving the critical issues facing Maryland's workforce and economy.

Formed in 2004, the Division of Innovation and Applied Research creates a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and problem solving that helps to make TU a community-engaged university. By cultivating leadership and embracing people, ideas, talent, and technology, the Division advances research, creates experiential learning, fosters continuing education, and supports entrepreneurial initiatives. In addition, through meaningful partnerships and outreach, the Division connects the external community with the talent and resources of Towson University. 

The Division is guided by five core values that influence the decisions and actions taken by the Division when interacting with its staff, clients, stakeholders, community, and the University. Each day, we aim to reflect our core values into all we do and say.

 Core Values

Innovative—Creatives who listen and adapt

We are resilient professionals who find creative solutions to tough problems and adapt to the inevitable hurdles along the way.

Problem Solvers—Doers who say “Let's figure it out”

We are efficient, effective, and energetic professionals who work with our partners to help them achieve their goals and identify new opportunities for impact.

Trustworthy—People with high integrity

We reliably respond to partners’ needs and are transparent as to how easy or hard it might be to attain qualified goals.  Our decisions and outcomes are always driven by data and experience.

Collaborative—Team players who lean in

We are supportive of each other and our partners.  We reach across our networks and organizations to achieve maximum results.

Passionate—Professionals who love what we do

We are purposeful, mission-driven professionals who see projects through to fruition and assist partners in hitting the next milestone.

Strategic Plan

In 2016, the Division undertook a comprehensive strategic planning process to develop goals and strategies. Five work groups, made up of 50% TU faculty and staff, 40% Division staff, and 10% external partners, created goals with measurable objectives and identified resources necessary to carry out these goals. The resulting goals will guide the Division through 2022.

  • Goal 1: Support TU academic endeavors, operations and administration, and external outreach. 
  • Goal 2: Position TU as the regional leader in professional education. 
  • Goal 3: Provide improved access to TU for community partners. 
  • Goal 4: Elevate TU as a nationally-recognized university for applied research.
  • Goal 5: Advance TU as a national leader in education technology (ed tech) innovation.