Stephen Perrine

Engagement Coordinator

Stephen Perrine

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Innovation and Applied Research, Partnerships and Outreach


Stephen joined the Division of Innovation and Applied Research in September 2017. As the engagement coordinator, Stephen supports the efforts of BTU, Baltimore-Towson University, by helping to capture, track, analyze, and support the work that is taking place between TU and its partners. His current projects include working with BTU data on TU partners and engagements and supporting the development of the annual BTU awards.

Prior to joining TU, Stephen served as the outreach associate manager at International Baccalaureate, where he facilitated partnerships with external organizations and promoted understanding of programs among primary and secondary schools, universities, and governments.


Stephen holds a B.A. in history from Towson University.


Stephen’s primary interests are wine, soccer, and cycling. He also enjoys most activities involving the outdoors, and tries to spend as much time as possible in the mountains of Western Maryland.

Fun Facts

What are three websites that everyone should have bookmarked? BBC, Aeon, and the Outbound Collective.