Bryan Brick

GIS Programmer


Contact Information

Center for GIS


Bryan joined the Center for GIS (CGIS) in 2012. He writes and maintains software and leads the CGIS development team. He recently wrote a web-based GIS enterprise system for tracking environmental and safety compliance tasks projects for the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA); created a map-based data viewer for an economic data set within St. Mary’s County, MD; and built a map-based data viewer for manufacturing data within MD for the State of Maryland.

Prior to joining CGIS, he worked in the architecture, oil and gas, and biomedical industries, as well as the Texas public schools system.


Bryan holds a B.S. in computer science and a B.A. in mathematics from Trinity University.


Bryan and his wife have a dog named Shiner and a cat named Luna. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys playing guitar, baking bread, and reading.

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What are three websites everyone should have bookmarked?,,