Mackenzie Rice

Research Associate


Contact Information

Regional Economic Studies Institute


Mackenzie joined the Regional Economic Studies Institute as a research associate in 2018. Her primary responsibilities include primary and secondary data collection, data analysis,  preliminary research for reports, and assisting with report writing and editing. 

Previously, she worked for two years as an intern at RESI, working on preliminary research and assisting with drafting literature reviews for a variety of projects, including research on arts and entertainment districts in Maryland and defense-related industries in Maryland.

Mackenzie is a former editor for the Towson University Journal of International Affairs, the oldest undergraduate-run journal of international affairs. She is the author of the paper “Building a State from a Broken Nation: The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina,” published in the Towson University Journal of International Affairs.


Mackenzie holds a B.S. in economics and political science from Towson University.


Mackenzie is an avid golfer and former NCAA student-athlete at Towson University. She also enjoys reading and travelling.

Fun Fact

What are three websites that everyone should have bookmarked? The Economist, The New York Times, JSTOR