Michael Siers

Senior Economist

Michael Siers

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Regional Economic Studies Institute


Michael joined the Division of Innovation and Applied Research in 2016. As a senior economist for the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI), he is in charge of designing qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to better understand impacts to the Maryland and regional economies. Michael also coordinates projects between RESI and the Center for GIS.

Michael contributes to a variety of projects including a SWOT analysis for a project with DOD OEA (Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment) that involves qualitative and quantitative research exploring the makeup of the defense-related industry within Maryland. Also, he is creating a business plan for the Restore Baltimore Initiative (RBI), a program that trains at-risk youth and ex-cons in historic preservation and partners with local industries to find jobs for them at the end of the training program.

Prior to working at RESI, Michael worked as senior research analyst at IMPAQ International, LLC; a research analyst at Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and a research assistant at University of Connecticut.


Michael holds an M.S. in agricultural and resource economics from University of Connecticut and a B.A. in economics from Goucher College.


Outside of the office, Michael can be found hiking, fishing, camping, and exploring Maryland and Baltimore.

Fun Fact

What are three websites everyone should have bookmarked? kayak.com/explore, nytimes.com, and citylab.com

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