Tim Hutchison

GIS Specialist


Contact Information

Center for GIS


Tim joined the Center for GIS (CGIS) in 2013. He currently works onsite at Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) providing GIS support for its web mapping application OSPREY (Operational Situational Picture for Response to an Emergency) by maintaining and updating emergency management datasets and by creating and updating web services. He also created a new process for emergency management personnel to map incidents involving response efforts around the state.

Tim also staffs MEMA’s State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) as a GIS planner in times of emergencies, providing heightened situational awareness through the use of OSPREY and geospatial analysis.


Tim holds a B.S. in geography from Towson University and is currently enrolled in Towson University’s Applied Information Technology graduate program.


Tim and his wife have two dogs. He loves listening to music and playing the drums. He also enjoys perfecting his barbequing skills on his smoker.

Fun Fact

What are two apps you can’t live without?  Smart Remote (my dog likes to eat remote controls) and BBC News