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Frank Bonsal III is a pioneer in the field of education technology and investment. He has 25 years of experience advancing efficacy, innovation, and productivity in and around education and the knowledge economy. As Director of Venture Creation at Towson University, venture capitalist, and angel investor, Bonsal has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs. His direct investment experience includes nearly 30 education companies, over half of which have been realized and whose solutions have impacted tens of millions.

Bonsal serves as a mentor or advisor to several education entrepreneurship organizations and is a frequent startup event participant. He has spoken extensively on entrepreneurship, education, and investing to a range of audiences, at universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Penn. Bonsal has been widely interviewed and quoted in Education Week to EdSurge, The Washington Post to The Baltimore Sun, and more.

Bonsal is a former General Partner of Bonsal Capital and New Markets Venture Partners, where he co-founded a mission-driven venture fund dedicated to education technology. With respect to the above partnerships, Bonsal provided board service to 10 education companies, three of which have been realized.

Per duties to Towson University, Bonsal runs an incubator, leads venture creation programs, teaches in the college of business, and works to build, grow, and sustain an education innovation ecosystem increasingly known as Baltimore EdTech. For over a decade, Bonsal began his career as K-12 teacher and coach. He has served numerous education-related nonprofits.


Frank holds a M.Ed. and M.B.A from Vanderbilt University and a B.A. from the University of New Hampshire.


Frank is deeply committed to philanthropy that induces education excellence and equity. In his spare time, he spends time with family happily supporting myriad athletic and arts events, and enjoys walking, hiking, traveling, golfing, and laughing as often as possible.

Fun Fact

Frank is right-dominant, was an ambidextrous 'middie' (lacrosse) in high school and college, but was a left-handed goalie up to that point.

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