High-Quality & Equitable Education

For over 150 years, Towson University has been Maryland’s largest provider of teachers.

BTU Education
200 TU student and 80 faculty and staff hours established a library at the Kid Safe Zone in the Penn North Recovery Center, allowing space for TU students to improve youth literacy skills and engage in recreational activities and professional development workshops. 

We know one of the biggest determinants for a thriving and competitive economy is high-quality and equitable education. We work with 185 schools and education-based organizations to: 

  • Prepare new teachers while also providing high-quality professional development for teachers already in the field
  • Create innovative programs and tools to improve teaching and educational access and to ensure that all students' needs are met
  • Address workforce needs by creating pathways for careers in STEM
  • Provide continuing education opportunities to address critical skill gaps in high growth industries
  • Support college access and readiness programs for students in Greater Baltimore
  • Give access to visual and performing arts opportunities to students in underserved communities

BTU at Work