Get to know how Towson University is working to make Greater Baltimore a better place to live, work, and learn.

The BTU Partnerships Showcase is a great opportunity to connect with TU faculty, researchers, and administrators to further existing projects and identify future collaborations. Exhibits are diverse and range from a specific research project that’s just getting kicked off to Towson Universitys long-running centers and institutes.

2018 Exhibitors

Featured Projects

BCPS/TU Training and Immersion Classroom

Forget-Me-Not Holocaust Exhibition

Literacy and Arts Programming

Model UN

Project ASTRO

TEAB: Teaching Environmental Awareness in Baltimore: Integrating Environmental Education into Teacher Preparation and middle school curricula in Baltimore City

Towson Teaching Fellows

Towson University Center for STEM Excellence

2018 Exhibitors

Featured Projects

Afya Wellness Ambassadors Program

The Impact of Learning Environment on Knowledge Outcomes and Student Satisfaction in Sleep Medicine Education

Insect Pest Management

Integrating an Evidence-Based Intervention in a Smartphone Application to Enhance Surgical Safety—World Health Organization’s Safe Surgery Checklist

Kids in Safety Seats (KISS) at TU

Mobile Health Application for Clinicians to Enhance Clinical Decision-Making at the Point of Care

Partnership for Emergency Medical Service Education and Patient Care

Promoting Food Access among College Students

Standard-based Connected Personal Healthcare Framework

Supporting B'More for Healthy Babies with Health Eeducation

TU+Helping Up Mission

Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Healthy Eating with Chronic Disease

Understanding University Students’ Exercise FIT Values with Wearable Exercise Tracking Technology

2018 Exhibitors

Featured Projects

Interdisciplinary service-learning: Teaching a communication capstone course for practical and social learning

Missing Voices of Our New Historical Great Baltimore

The Towson Chamber of Commerce & the Leadership Communication Service Learning Course

Voices of Baltimore: Life Under Segregation

2018 Exhibitors

Featured Projects

Maryland’s Voting Process

Towson University College of Business and Economics Live Strategy Competition

Past Events

The following centers, institutes, and programs were selected to present in April 2017. They represent the breadth and diversity of work that is happening with our partners throughout Greater Baltimore.

2017 Exhibitors