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At its core, BTU—Partnerships at Work for Greater Baltimore is dedicated to supporting, aligning, and elevating collaborations between Towson University and its multitude of community partners. To do this, opportunities abound for TU faculty and staff to tap into these efforts to better support and sustain their community engagement and partnership efforts.

Model UN conference


Through BTU, faculty and staff have access to funding resources aimed to support community engagement and partnership efforts. Ongoing funding is available on a rolling basis to support transportation needs, conference presentations, and partnership enrichments such as material supplies, catering, equipment, and marketing materials. Additionally, proposals are accepted annually for BTU Investments, which focus on strategically supporting, sustaining, and institutionalizing community engagement partnerships and projects.

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2019 BTU Awards winners, Curtis Bay: A Participatory Action Research Project Faculty


Part of supporting community engagement and partnership efforts is recognizing and elevating the impactful work taking place between TU and its community partners. Each year, three exemplary partnerships are recognized and celebrated through the BTU Partnership Awards. These awards celebrate the efforts of faculty, staff, students, and community partners—and the collaborative work being done that embodies the spirit of TU and benefits the communities we serve.

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2019 Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival at the SNF Parkway Theatre


Several events take place throughout the year to align community engagement efforts across campus and to expand collaborations with existing partners. These events include ongoing lunch and learn workshops for TU faculty, staff, and students to tap into BTU, expand engaged work, and learn best practices; and the BTU Partnerships Showcase, which invites faculty, staff, students, and community partners to explore, initiate, and expand partnerships and collaborations.

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Matt Durington speaking to the student researchers of the Empowering Communities Project


Tips to consider as you work with community partners

Involve your partner in the planning and decision making processes related to your collaboration. Stay in touch regularly and make sure that you are not only communicating progress and next steps, but also asking for and addressing the needs of the partner and identifying each other’s roles and responsibilities.

All partners captured within the BTU Database will be asked to provide feedback on their partnership with TU at the end of each academic year. This feedback will be provided to the associated TU faculty and/or staff. However, it's helpful to request feedback from your partners on an ongoing basis to measure successes and determine areas of improvement.

There are a great deal of resources, needs, and expertise across campus. Be open to brainstorming new collaboration ideas with your partner, to expand beyond your college or division.


A lot of planning and follow through is involved in the development of partnerships, on both sides. If you make a commitment to a partner, be sure to see it through. If any unexpected changes come up along the way, communicate them quickly with your partner.

Partnership Management & Internal Support

The Office of Partnerships & Outreach serves as the front door of the university for external partners and makes connections between TU faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders. The BTU Team is here to support you in your community engagement efforts. If you would like to explore and further discuss your community engagement and partnership needs within the following areas, .

  • Strategic management of existing partnerships
  • Expanding partnerships to other colleges/divisions
  • Initiating new partnerships
  • Data collection and utilization
  • Developing partnership agreements to outline goals, tasks, and timelines
  • Marketing, communication, and storytelling support
  • Navigating community engagement within your current role