BTU Funding Requests

Through BTU—Partnerships at Work for Greater Baltimore, Towson University continues to build a framework to capture and support the work taking place between TU and the community.

TU faculty, staff, and students have access to a number of funding resources aimed to align, scale, sustain, and institutionalize community engagement partnerships and collaborations.

BTU Ongoing Support

Enrichment Support, Supported by Pepsi

Supports miscellaneous requests to bolster and strengthen existing or emerging BTU engagements and partnerships; expenses such as events, meal tickets, marketing materials, equipment, etc., that increase impact.

National Visibility Support

Supports faculty and staff presenting at national engagement conferences.

Transportation Support

Supports bringing partners to campus or taking TU faculty, staff, or students off campus to engage in a partnership or collaboration.

BTU Investments

Priority Investments      

Funds allocated as investments over a 1–3 year period, focused on scaling, sustaining, aligning, and institutionalizing leading TU community engagement partnerships and projects.

Emerging Idea Investments, supported by Whiting-Turner

Funds allocated for a one-year period, focused on supporting new and emerging TU community partnerships and projects, connected to underserved populations.