Get to know how Towson University is working to make Greater Baltimore a better place to live, work, and learn.

The BTU Showcase is a great opportunity to connect with TU faculty, researchers, and administrators to further existing projects and identify future collaborations. Exhibits are diverse and range from a specific research project that’s just getting kicked off to Towson Universitys long-running centers and institutes.

The following centers, institutes, and featured programs were selected for the April 2017 because they represent the breadth and diversity of work that is happening with our partners in education, health, business, government, and neighborhoods to positively impact Greater Baltimore.

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High-quality and Equitable Education

We know one of the biggest determinants for a thriving and competitive economy is high-quality and equitable education. We work with schools, nonprofit organizations, communities, and businesses to address these needs.

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Lifelong Health and Well-being

We believe that supporting family stability through the lens of health and well-being is essential and we are working across the spectrum to provide services from pre-natal to the elderly.


Strong Neighborhoods and Sustainable Communities

We work with our partners to address the most pressing needs for our communities to increase the quality of life for citizens across Maryland.

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Thriving and Competitive Economy

We work collaboratively with our partners in government and business to grow Maryland’s economy and improve the quality of life for its citizens through applied research, technical services, continuing education, and entrepreneurship.

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Vibrant Arts and Cultural Community

We partner with nonprofit organizations, theatre companies, schools, communities, and businesses on several arts-based initiatives and programs from both a programming perspective and an educational perspective.