Alex Mikulski

GIS Specialist


Contact Information

Center for GIS


Alex began working with the Center for GIS as a student intern in 2014. As a GIS specialist, she performs research and spatial data analysis and processing as well as map development. Additionally, she develops training materials and facilitates teaching ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online for Maryland state employees through a Statewide GIS Training Program.

Alex has worked to georeference plats for the Maryland State Highway Administration in an effort to move data into a spatial format. As part of an initiative to increase the presence of GIS on Towson University’s campus, she has worked on mapping the interior of campus buildings.


Alex holds a B.S. from Towson University, where she is completing a M.S. in geography and environmental planning.


From field hockey and running to hot yoga and hiking, Alex likes to be active as much as possible. She especially likes to participate in any exercise that can involve her 80-pound yellow lab.


Three websites that everyone should have bookmarked? Sporcle, CamelCamelCamel, and Supercook