Cisco Academy

Cisco Networking Academies prepare high school students for advanced study in IT and for industry certification — the first step in an IT career path.

Towson University is the only Cisco Networking Academy support and training center in the state of Maryland, serving the 73 Cisco Academies currently in the state. This includes 52 secondary schools, 14 post-secondary academies and seven non-traditional programs, all of which were trained through Towson University.

The high school program for the Cisco Networking Academy starts with a foundation in computer hardware and software basics. At first, students advance their understanding of IT. Then, they may earn a range of industry certifications, such as CompTIA (A+Net+) and Cisco CCENT. Moreover, we work with teachers to prepare them for hands-on education. This includes installation and configuration of switches and routers in multiprotocol networks; using local and wide-area networks; providing troubleshooting; and improving network performance and security.

Become a Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy is an IT and career skills development program licensed for free to not-for-profit institutions worldwide. In fact, more than 9000 institutions in 170+ countries have joined the Cisco Networking Academy and become a force for change in the global economy since 1997. Together, we are building the workforce of tomorrow. Benefits of Towson University’s Cisco Networking Academy include:

  • Offer a high quality curriculum that combines in-depth technical training and professional skills development.
  • Choose courses to compliment your academic or vocational program and prepare students for certification.
  • Leverage our learning platform to track student success and connect with educators and IT experts.
  • Access support and training to get your program up and running, and share best practices.
  • Point students to career building resources created with employers for our alumni.
  • Receive discounts on Cisco equipment for your classroom and certification exams for your students.

For more information on the Towson University Cisco Networking Academy, please contact Iris Kutch at or 410-704-6565.


The Role of Instructors

Cisco Networking Academy instructors are the heart of the program. They recruit, inspire, and motivate students to discover their passion for IT and learning. From professors to high school teachers to rehabilitation counselors, more than 20,000 men and women teach the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum worldwide.

  • Discover leading networking, security, and cloud technologies alongside your students.
  • Coach them through hands-on labs and online learning activities to apply their knowledge.
  • Reinforce skills with Cisco Packet Tracer, a network configuration simulation tool.
  • Join a community of education leaders and innovators. Share your experiences online and at local events.
  • Gain recognition for your program and your students at Cisco-sponsored competitions and events.

Cisco Training Schedule

Course Schedule
CCNA Cybersecurity Operations
February 6–May 21, 2020
(16 weeks)
WebEx Meetings: Thursdays, 6–8 p.m.
NetLab Exercises: Assigned by instructor
CCNA2v7 – Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials (SRWE)
February 6–May 16, 2020
(14 weeks)
WebEx Meetings:
Thursdays, 7–9 p.m.
In-Person Labs:
Saturday, May 9 and May 16, 2020, 4–10 p.m., Towson University
CCNA3v7 – Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation (ENSA)
February 19–May 23, 2020
(14 weeks)
WebEx Meetings:
Wednesday, 7–9 p.m.
In-Person Labs:
Saturday, April 4 and May 23, 2020, 9 a.m.–3 p.m., Towson University

Cisco Refund Policy

Classes may be canceled and a full refund issued when written notification is provided within five business days before the first day of class. No refunds will be provided beyond that.

All payment for Cisco classes must be made in advance. If the school system or district sponsoring the instructor is not an active Cisco Academy, the full price will be charged.

Contact Iris Kutch at or 410-704-6565 for refund help.