Jess Lake

Business/Data Analyst


Contact Information

IT Services


Jess began working at Towson University in 2012. In her current role, Jess manages surveys for the IT Services team; conducts statistical analyses on data from a variety of sources; composes reports on findings; and prepares presentations to present findings to clients.

In working with the Center for Application and Innovation Research in Education (CAIRE) on its evaluation of education reform projects, Jess has planned evaluation projects, conducted qualitative interviews, analyzed school and student data, prepared reports on findings and conclusions, and conducted background research.


Jess holds a B.A., with honors, in sociology from Brown University. She has also completed graduate coursework in statistics and data analytics at Towson University.


In her spare time, Jess enjoys spending time with her dog, going to concerts, reading, and volunteering.

Fun Fact

What are two apps she can’t live without? Waze and Mint