Competitive Leadership Development

The key to a company’s growth and stability is a skilled and competitive workforce.

Today's swiftly evolving business landscape requires an equally dynamic workforce. Our programs allow individuals and teams to emerge with action plans that address the key challenges confronting their organization. The result is personal and professional transformation that contributes to organizational success while strengthening competitive positions.

Leadership programs at Towson University are customized for organizations to meet the needs of employees at all levels and to challenge them to address their perceptions of leadership and the values that shape it.

Skills & Core competencies

Emotional Intelligence

Teams must be able to communicate, influence internal and external relationships, and improve individual and organizational performance.

Our emotional intelligence courses are both practical and interactive, allowing employees to increase self-awareness and develop interpersonal skills to make positive impacts within their organizations.


  • Increasing credibility, impact, influence, and confidence
  • Gaining awareness of individual needs, temperament, strengths, and motivation
  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal signals
  • Psychology of emotional intelligence regarding relationship building
  • Adapting behavior to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Handling conflict and difficult situations
  • Understanding differences and the value of diversity
Leadership Capacity

Employees must understand core business functions, decision-making skills, and be able to lead cross-functional initiatives in today's shifting markets.

Our leadership development programs allow individuals to step back from daily responsibilities, reassess value to the company, and develop a broader perspective of leadership capacity.


  • Developing a personal leadership philosophy and presence that reflect greater insight and capabilities
  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of diverse business functions and building skills to integrate these functions across organizational structure
  • Formulating a holistic approach to identifying problems, formulating solutions, and adapting to change
  • Building strategic skills for effective decision-making, strategy development, and implementation
  • Embracing curiosity and creative risk taking to better connect to the workplace community
  • Developing interpersonal skills to successfully transition positions
  • Building a toolbox of techniques to develop and execute business strategies
Business Essentials

One-dimensional skill sets are no longer the norm, and increasingly not an option. Today's leader must possess a balanced skill set in order to be productive and competitive in the marketplace.

Our business essentials programs train individuals to develop abilities to innovate, think strategically, and gain a competitive advantage for your organization.


  • Critical thinking
  • Finance
  • Negotiation
  • Problem-solving
  • Technology

Meeting Workforce Needs

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Leadership Development Programs

Emerging Leaders

We provide emerging leaders—those with little or no supervisory, management, or leadership education—with a clear understanding of leadership roles and expectations to ensure they have a foundation to succeed in their position.

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Leadership Development Programs

Effective Leaders

We connect leaders with new methods and best practices to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness to move their organization forward.

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Leadership Development Programs

Executive Leaders

We help executives advance leadership skills to lead corporate performance. Executive leadership programs help define the role leaders want to play to best use an organization’s existing competencies to refine business models and experiences of all stakeholders and employees.