Lisa Walker

Senior Business Analyst

Lisa Walker

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IT Services


Lisa has been with Towson University since 1999. As senior business analyst, she provides business process analysis to include client interviews, documentation of existing processes, workflow analysis, and reengineering recommendations based on best practices.

Lisa works on projects involving the development of functional requirements and business rules for clients; system and process documentation; development of standard operating procedures based on client processes; preparation of system test plans; and technical writing, including document preparation, formatting and editing.

As project lead for the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) projects, Lisa developed best practices for the procurement of IT products and services and designed project-specific solicitation templates to streamline the procurement process and ensure the best possible outcome.

Lisa also has served as project lead for several Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) projects.


Lisa holds a B.A. and has completed graduate coursework in applied information technology from Towson University.


When not spending time with her husband, daughters, and grandchildren, Lisa enjoys reading, hiking, and going to the beach.

Fun Fact

What are two apps she can’t live without? Google Maps and The Weather Channel