EdTech Focus

TU Incubator supports the largest cluster of edtech companies in Maryland.

EdTech (education technology) is the platforms, tools, and digital initiatives used to improve learning and administrative outcomes and efficiencies, including end users in early childhood, K-12, postsecondary, special, corporate, and workforce education.

Regional EdTech Growth

Since the 1990s, Baltimore has grown to be an EdTech hub. Today, with a stronger network of investors, educators, and entrepreneurs, this growth has spread beyond Charm City to encompass the entire Chesapeake region.

The map below highlights the Chesapeake education ecosystem—businesses, incubators, schools and districts, universities and colleges, and other education stakeholders. Click here to view the interactive map.

Towson University + EdTech  

Towson University is Maryland’s top producer of teachers and constantly works to enhance the educational experience, including integration of technological advancements. TU Incubator leverages TU’s resources and reputation in teacher preparation and education to help our member companies succeed.

Our EdTech Members are Transforming Education

Student Access & Success

Induck - Helping prospective college students find a school that fits them best by showing them past students’ experiences.

Mindstand - Have you ever been harassed online in your school/workplace and did not know how to address it? MindStand AI provides decision makers with immediate insight's on their organization's social pain points, culture, and morale. MindStand's AI engine integrates within GSuite, Blackboard, Office 365, and more to foster healthy online communities, one post at a time.

Nearpeer - Connecting the world’s college students to boost peer support and degree completion

We Are Marcus - Interactive mentoring platform, provides students access to the powerful stories of mentors and measures student character growth through their writing. We Are Marcus is aligned with leading social-emotional learning frameworks and mindfulness best practices. We Are Marcus disrupts mentoring models which fail to scale and analyzes data on student growth across the country and internationally.

Supplemental Education

Alrotra - Web-based music learning platform

Interleaf Learning - Interleaf Learning’s ScribeZone® is a powerful lesson creation platform that allows teachers of any subject to create stimulating multimedia lessons from any downloaded media.  

Ortus Academy - Experiential, game-based learning program for improving kids’ financial skills

Teacher Solutions

CourseArc - Web-based authoring tool to create interactive and accessible online courses

EdVario - EdVario is a user-driven platform for educators to find and share transformative strategies for school success. Our mission is to dramatically accelerate the rate at which educators learn from and implement best practices across the country.

Lessoncast - K-12 teacher effectiveness platform

Selected - Online matching and hiring platform for teachers and schools

Language & Literacy

Conversifi - Connecting foreign language learners with native speakers for on-demand language practice and cross-cultural exchange over video chat.

InferCabulary - Teaching and reinforcing K–12 vocabulary

OgStar Reading - Gamified program to reach exceptional K-12 readers

World Languages 360 - Educational nonprofit connecting students and employers to create a multilingual work force

Workforce & Pathways

Steppingblocks - Digital career counselor providing data analytics and resources to help make intelligent college and career decisions

Healthcare Education

LCMS Plus - Enterprise SaaS solution for healthcare education

WePassed - Online platform for professional board exam preparation

Assessment, Diagnostic, Test Prep

Spiral Math - K-12 math formative assessment solution

Mindprint Learning - Online neuro evaluation of student strengths + needs