Mentor Network

TU Incubator's mentor network includes over 30 members whose expertise span a multitude of industries and functional areas and has a core competency in EdTech technology and services. If you are interested in providing support to our member companies, reach out.

QUICK CONTACT: 410-704-2252
Mentors functional expertise
Nitin Agarwal

Operations, Team, Marketing, Sales, Technology

Jeanne Allen
Center for Education Reform

Operations, Team, Policy, Funding, Content, Business Development

Donna Balinikie
Firedrive Marketing Group
Marketing, Product
Bill Bavin
Chessiecap Securities
Finance, Operations, Legal, Funding, Strategy, Business Development
Jennifer Brandeen
Sylvan Learning
Finance, Marketing, Sales, Product
Heeral Chehl
Johns Hopkins University
Legal, Team, Policy
Elizabeth Chou
New Markets Venture Partners
Finance, Operations, Team, Sales, Funding, Strategy
Dianne Conley
Principal, Tuscany Group
Operations, Marketing, Sales, Product, Strategy
Andrew Coy
Digital Harbor Foundation
Operations, Team, Marketing, Sales, Funding, Product, Content, Strategy
Christina Culver
EdNexus Advisors, LLC
Policy, Marketing, Sales, Funding, Product, Strategy
Brian Cyr
Legal, Team, Funding
Michael Davis
MPOWER Financing
Operations, Team, Technology, Product, Strategy, Business Development
Jennifer Dodson
Adashmore Creative
Marketing, Product
Matt Doherty
The Trailhead Group
Operations, Team, Sales, Strategy, Business Development
Larry Fiorino
Fiorino Consulting
Operations, Team, Marketing, Sales, Funding, Technology, Product, Business Development
Emily Gaines-Buchler
Emily Gaines Buchler
Marketing, Content, Business Development
Swata Gandhi
DAP Products
Legal, Team, Policy, Funding
Grace Garry
NextGen Venture Partners
Finance, Funding, Strategy, Business Development
Tara Gebhardt
Sales, Business Development, Tech, Content
Matt Gorra
Legal, Team, Funding
Jean Halle
American Public University System
Finance, Operations, Team, Marketing, Sales, Content, Business Development
Greg Heitner
Big Noise, Inc.
Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Business Development
Phyllis Hillwig
Wisewire Education Marketplace
Karin Holtz
K-12 EdTech Company Consulting
Sales, Marketing, Team, Business Development
Jim Jenkins
SC&H Tax & Adv Svcs
Charles Kassouf
The Law Office of Charles R. Kassouf, LLC

Finance, Legal, Strategy, Business Development, Funding

Anne Keehn
Quantum Thinking, Gates Foundation
Operations, Marketing, Sales, Product, Strategy, Business Development
Kelly Keenan Trumpbour
See Jane Invest
Team, Policy, Marketing, Funding
Martin Knott
KTrack, LLC
Finance, Operations, Team, Marketing, Sales, Content, Business Development
Thomas (TK) Kuegler
Wasabi Ventures
Finance, Team, Marketing, Sales, Funding, Product, Strategy
Rick Leimbach
Carrollton Partners
Finance, Operations, Funding, Strategy
Emily Levitt
Sylvan Learning
Product, Content
Robert Lindstrom
Diversified Wealth Solutions, LLC.
Finance, Operations
Mike Lombardi
Amazon Web Services
Marketing, Sales
Olga Maltseva
Operations, Team, Marketing, Sales, Funding, Content
Todd Marks
Operations, Team, Marketing, Sales, Funding, Technology, Product, Business Development
Greg Meyers
Afterclicks Interactive
Marketing, Technology, Strategy
Jonathan Oleisky
Kalix Marketing
Marketing, Content, Strategy, Business Development
Robert Onsi
Discovery Education
Product, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Business Development
Zach Posner
McGraw-Hill Education
Finance, Operations, Sales, Product, Business Development
Kieffer Rittenhouse
Integrated Insurance Solutions
Operations, Sales, Business Development, Risk Management
Jennifer Schaus
Jennifer Schaus & Associates
Operations, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Business Development
Burck Smith
StraighterLine, Smarthinking
Operations, Team, Policy, Marketing, Sales, Funding, Product
Vince Talbert
Camden Partners
Finance, Operations, Team, Marketing, Sales, Funding, Product, Strategy, Business Development
Kevin Tame
Urban Teacher Center
Team, Marketing, Product, Content
Adam Teitelman
Surefire Local
Legal, Policy, Marketing, Sales, Funding
Joseph Thibault
Operations, Team, Strategy, Product
Tim Train
Operations, Team, Technology, Product, Content
Dan Venedam
Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Business Development
Jonathan Wachs
Offit Kurman
Legal, Team, Content
Ben Walsh
Pure Bang Games
Operations, Team, Policy, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Product