Zac Nickey

Senior Research Associate


Contact Information

Regional Economic Studies Institute


Zac joined the Regional Economic Studies Institute in October 2017. As a senior research associate, Zac is responsible for developing methodologies including instrument design, data management, data analysis, economic impact analysis, and various other research tasks involving secondary data sources.

Previously, Zac served as adjunct faculty at the Community College of Baltimore County where he implemented the Computer Training for Seniors Initiative. Zac was also a research data manager at Westat, where he cleaned and prepared large datasets, and developed hard-copy surveys for automated forms processing and data capture and export.  


Zac holds an M.A. in applied sociology and a B.A. in sociology from University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


Zac’s interests involve fishing, hiking, and psychology and survey methodology.

Fun Facts

What are three websites that everyone should have bookmarked? The Wayback Machine, Print Friendly, and The Oregon Trail Deluxe game.