About Us

Career Center Vision/Mission/Values

The Career Center guides itself by the following Vision/Mission/Values:


That every TU student discovers their career path and is equipped to navigate the journey.


The TU Career Center cultivates meaningful career connections, experiences, and learning through a network of communities that engage students and alumni for a lifetime.

A Lifelong Career Center

Creating a world-class, lifelong Career Center is aligned with TU’s strategic plan. To address this priority, the campus-wide Career Readiness Task Force was formed.

After a yearlong process of research, discussion and deliberation, the Task Force recommended the integration of career education and readiness across campus to be led by the efforts of the Career Center, and supported by college-based career communities. Effectiveness will rely on engaging every student early on and in a way that is personalized and accessible.

When fully implemented, Towson University’s commitment to student and alumni career readiness will result in every TU graduate having:


Obtained knowledge of major and applied career options.

Experiential Learning

Completed at least one experiential opportunity that supports development as a professional and aligns with career interests.

Career-Ready Competencies

Developed career-readiness competencies and the ability to identify and articulate personal brand/value propositions.


Established a professional network via connections to individuals and organizations.

Lifelong Engagement

The opportunity to engage as alumni in ongoing career management to achieve evolving goals.