Junior Checklist

Research career options, key organizations in field of interest, or graduate school requirements.
Gain career experience and build resume through internships, jobs, volunteer opportunities,
research and strategic course projects. Share this checklist with your academic advisor.


  • Research programs and entrance requirements if graduate school is in your
  • Research key organizations, industries, corporations, and businesses through
    resources on the Career Center website and additional online resources
  • Explore either workforce opportunities or post graduate careers
  • Identify specific tests needed for careers before summer of junior/senior year


  • Select elective courses that will broaden your academic foundation and expand your
    employment opportunities
  • Join campus and community organizations; develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • Attend career development workshops
  • Attend all internship, job and career fairs
  • Conduct informational interviews
  • Obtain a career-related internship and test your values, skills and interests in a
    professional environment
  • Increase career readiness skills through meaningful co-curricular activities, work,
    research and volunteer experiences
  • Attend general campus events outside of your own organizations and develop networking skills
  • Expand your network; seek membership in professional organizations; attend
    conferences as a student member
  • Develop a networking card that summarizes your goals/qualifications and contact info
  • Develop and practice communicating your professional brand through social media,
    your resume and mock interviews; identify and articulate your strengths

Print the Junior Checklist (PDF).