Senior Checklist

Target and research employers of interest. Develop and implement a job search or gap year plan.
Share this checklist with your academic advisor.


  • Clarify your post-graduation trajectory (employment, grad school, gap year) and
    identify necessary steps to assure your post-TU success!
  • Develop a list of at least 25 employers that you will research proactively and submit
    applications for employment
  • Organize your job search early; meet with a career counselor to develop a job search
    strategy, gap year plan or grad school application and timeline
  • Develop proficiency in writing targeted resumes and cover letters or personal
    statements and grad school applications; have your documents critiqued at the
    Career Center
  • Attend career development, job search or grad school process workshops and
    participate in mock interviews
  • Register for and participate in on-campus recruiting
  • Ask faculty and employers for letters of recommendation (at least three)
  • Review job listings on Handshake and the Internet; find discipline-specific websites
    on the Career Resources by Major pages
  • Attend career fairs; network with professionals and alumni in your field about
    your job search strategies and opportunities
  • Continue to meet with a career counselor regularly; discuss how to highlight your
    strengths in job interviews
  • Attend a workshop on accepting a job offer, negotiating a salary, and transitioning to the world of work
  • Revise/hone your personal brand documents (LinkedIn profile, resume,
    networking cards)
  • Demonstrate your career readiness skills in every conversation with a professional!
  • Focus on the position you want; go for it!
  • Let the Career Center know when you have accepted a job offer or graduate school
    admission invitation OR complete the Graduating Senior Survey

Print the Senior Checklist (PDF).