Minority Students

At the Career Center, we recognize the importance of racial and ethnic diversity and commit ourselves to providing resources for the social and professional development of our minority students.

Students working on homework in the library
Your diverse background makes you unique so we provide you with career resources specific to who you are.

We recognize, respect, and integrate students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, experiences, and perspectives into quality career development and planning. Our events, resources, and opportunities are designed to ensure that all students have equal access, regardless of culture, national origin, race/ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation/identity, and gender/gender expression. Students who identify with particular groups can have unique challenges when choosing a major or career, interviewing for positions, and transitioning into the work world.

As minority students, we often are not taught to seek out resources to better ourselves. Let’s seek out these resources and educate each other to create a powerful pipeline of success. ”

Maconel James, International Business major

Additional Resources for Specific Minority Populations


African American/Black

Asian/Pacific Islander



Native American

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

All Students