Internship Requirements

Internships must meet the following criteria in order to be approved for BUSX 460 Professional Experience:

  • Internship hours must be performed during the duration of the semester in which the student is enrolled in the course. Internships from prior semesters will not be accepted. Students must complete 120 hours in the internship to receive course credit.
  • The internship must take place in an office. Students cannot telecommute or work from a home setting.
  • The company must have more than five full-time employees. The employees cannot be contractual or telecommuter employees.
  • The company must be willing and able to evaluate the student's performance using a survey distributed by the college at the end of the academic term.
  • The internship cannot consist of door-to-door selling or pure cold calling.
  • The internship can only include 10 percent clerical work.
  • Students cannot intern for a family member.
  • Students cannot intern at their own business.
  • Students may not use the same internship for both a Departmental Internship and Professional Experience BUSX 460. 

Internship Job Description Requirements

  • Students must provide a job description on company letterhead with the supervisor’s contact information and signature. No exceptions will be accepted.
  • The job description must include in detail all of the intern’s duties. The job description should not be too broad.
  • Words such as assist, learn, shadow or observe should not be used.
  • The job description MUST be written by the employer’s HR department or the supervisor of the internship. Students should not write the job description.

Out-of-State Internship Guidelines

Students completing an internship at a location that requires more than one hour of travel to and from Towson University's campus are required to sign an out-of-state waiver. This waiver ensures the student is aware of the BUSX 460 absence policy and that missing a class due to travel associated with the distance of the internship is not approved by the college. Missing more than one class results in a failing grade for the course. If a student decides to participate in an internship located outside of the reasonable travel distance, the college encourages the student to enroll in a section of the course that meets on a day when the student is not responsible for attending the internship to avoid travel issues.