Undergraduate Programs

Our programs enable students to effectively harness technology to meet business strategies and goals. Our graduates are comfortable with both technology and business and can manage business processes, technology and people to further an organization’s competitive edge.

Business Systems and Processes (BSAP) Major

Designed for individuals who aspire to harness technology to meet business strategies and goals and improve efficiency, the BSAP major will teach you how to use state-of-the-art software and analytical skills to help organizations large and small compete and thrive. You will also be exposed to enterprise resrouce planning software SAP-ERP and earn the official SAP Recognition Award.

Business Administration Major: Project Management and Business Analysis

The rigorous project management and business analysis (PMBA) concentration addresses the needs of today's globally integrated and technology-driven business environment. Through this program, students gain a versatile and valuable business knowledge and skill set they can apply to innumerable rewarding and lucrative careers.

Admission to the Majors

The e-business and business administration majors are screened, meaning they require students to complete certain admission requirements before taking upper-level courses to complete the degree.

See admission requirements for business systems and processes (BSAP).
See admission requirements for business administration.