Launch Pad Team

The Launch Pad team is a group of staff, students and faculty members passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Launch Pad Manager

In addition to being a champion for entrepreneurship on campus and in the community, the Launch Pad Manager oversees operations, runs events and mentors students. 

Launch Pad Associates

Launch Pad Associates are entrepreneurial ambassadors with access to exclusive, hands-on experiences. This semester's team represents diverse disciplines, backgrounds, experiences and skills. We're excited to work with them this term!

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James Tamayo

Information technology major James Tamayo is looking to give an inside look into the life of a student entrepreneur at Towson University. Student Launch Pad offers great resources and events that helped him bring his business ideas into reality, and he aims to share his experiences with anybody looking to learn about the entrepreneurship ecosystem at TU. James’s passion for entrepreneurship started with his love of communities. Soon after coming to TU, James created Content Creators Club (C3), a club where creative students can meet with each other and share their experiences as creators as well as hold events where the stage is set and ready for them to showcase their work. Soon his work with C3 drove him towards his first venture: Plenny, an app that makes supporting causes and creators cheap and easy. Student Laun Through events he has shook hand with CEOs, received advice from serial entrepreneurs, and built a network of inspired individuals that includes alums from TU, Hopkins, and Sandford that allow him to do more than he ever could on his own. James hopes that he can show the power of getting involved with the Student Launch Pad through social media showcasing the services the Student Launch Pad offer and what they do for him. As James works to grow Student Launch Pad's social media presence, he will be posting vlog style videos, blogs, and more showcasing not only events and what we do in Student Launch Pad, but also the daily happenings and thoughts of everybody in the community. The power voice of the community and the heart of Student Launch Pad lies with student entrepreneurs and James hopes to broadcast their experiences through social media channels.