Elise Smith

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Elise Smith

When Towson University was looking to expand its hearing and audiology services at its Institute for Well Being, Elise Smith was the perfect choice with her combination of clinical and teaching experience.

“The opportunity to teach and remain clinically active is unique, and I am glad to join faculty members who are clinically active in the state’s and the region’s audiology community,” says Smith. “My background in vestibular assessment and rehabilitation in hospitals and private practice settings can help open doors for Towson University’s program.”

All of our testing is conducted in one location, and we leverage the use of technology available in one place. ”

Elise Smith

Smith is spearheading efforts to give students greater exposure to clinical protocols and research and serve more patients with hearing and balance problems. She works with students to perform diagnostic testing on patients of all ages with inner ear or balance problems.

“There are all types of therapies to retrain the brain to compensate for vestibular abnormalities,” says Smith, who notes the advantages of Towson University’s state-of-the-art facilities. “All of our testing is conducted in one location at the Hearing & Balance Center, and we leverage the use of technology available in one place,” says Smith. “Our students get exposure to technology unavailable in many programs — all in a new, modern, easily accessible building. This experience gives our students a skill set that is not common among emerging audiologists.”

Smith also teaches six graduate-level courses, and her students are adding to the body of knowledge in the field. “In the last two years, six of our doctoral students have written theses related to vestibular assessment, and several of our students have presented at the American Academy of Audiology Conference and the American Speech Language Hearing Association Convention.”