Scholarships, Grants & Awards

The ASLD department has limited scholarship awards within the department. Students are encouraged to visit the undergraduate and graduate admissions websites for information on TU scholarship opportunities.

Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) Scholarships:

M. Barbara Laufer Fund - This $200 award is made to a 1st or 2nd year Au.D. student who is voted as the "most improved" student. Dr. Barbara Laufer was a faculty member and department chairperson for many years. Upon her retirement, she asked faculty to donate to a fund that would support a student who epitimized the spirit of her late son, who she described as an underachiever who has worked hard to succeed.

Audiology Scholarship - Two awards of varying amount (usually $500 per award) are provided for Au.D. students in the 2nd to 4th year of the program. One award is for clinical excellence and one is for service to the department or the profession.

Better Hearing Institute Fellowship - This variable level award is open to Au.D. students at any level. This endowed account was established by two owners of a local Beltone practice. They wished to honor a blind audiology student who trained in their practice. They have requested that special consideration go to students in the Au.D. program with special needs, but the scholarship is open to all Au.D. students.

Graduate Student Scholarships (SLP M.S. or Au.D.)

Zina Rose Sanders Endowed Scholarship - This variable level award goes to a graduate student who exemplifes Zina Rose Sanders spirit of overcoming adversity. Although Zina eventually succumbed to her battle with cancer while she was a student at Towson, the faculty will always remember her indomintable spirit.

Graduation Awards (SLP M.S., Au.D., UG SPPA, UG DFST)

Class of '23 Endowment Award - The Class of '23 established an endowment that provides a variable level award at graduation for one student in each of the four programs in the department. Faculty vote on the recipient from a list of the highest ranked students in each program. Students who receive the award exemplify academic excellence, leadership, service, and other qualities expected of program graduates.