Transfer Student Policy

The Deaf Studies (DFST) major accepts many transfer students into the program. Students who transfer to Towson University need to meet with an advisor within the department to develop a program of study. The advisor will review the transfer credit transcripts and determine what courses need to be completed to finish the major at Towson University.

Transfer students typically require 2-3 years to complete the DFST degree after the transfer, depending on the number of transfer credits and proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL). If a student selects a second major and/or minor, that may extend the program of study. Individual programs of study will be developed for each student by the DFST program coordinator.

Because American Sign Language (ASL) courses vary widely across universities, students must pass proficiency exams or Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) exams to be placed in the appropriate ASL class level. Students are not allowed to register for American Sign Language II (DFST 105) or higher without taking an assessment. The exams are given when transfer students attend January or summer transfer advising. For more information, see the ASL Proficiency Screening & CPL Test webpage.