Applied Gerontology Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

This program is not currently admitting new students.

The aging of the global population is a major social and business concern worldwide. Individuals who live longer and healthier lives are challenging traditional product and service providers in health care, education, recreation, business and a host of other industries.

The post-baccalaureate certificate in applied gerontology provides a stand-alone credential that validates your knowledge of the issues facing our aging society. Advanced coursework in gerontology will help you meet your career goals and is a valuable complement to virtually any undergraduate degree.

Students complete the same courses as master’s students, but on a shorter, tighter schedule that accommodates three requirements and three electives. From community planning to the latest issues in the gerontology field, you will gain a broad overview of how geriatric care is provided and the latest research in the field.

Why Towson University?

Complete Your Master’s Degree

Decided you want to pursue a master’s degree? All of your certificate courses will transfer to a master’s degree in applied gerontology.

Firsthand Experience

Work in a community agency or other organizations in the gerontology field to see firsthand the challenges and issues facing older citizens. Conduct independent research in a gerontology-related field to further broaden your experience.

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Contact Information

Dr. Mary Carter
Applied Gerontology Post-baccalaureate Certificate
Mary Carter

Linthicum Hall, Room 121 G