General Information

All first-year freshmen at Towson University are assigned to a First Year Experience (FYE) advisor. This advisor will guide students through their first academic year. More information can be found within the Office of Academic Advising, Retention & Completion. Transfer students are advised for their first term during transfer advising in July and January. More information for transfer students also can be found within the Office of Academic Advising, Retention & Completion.

Once you have declared health science as a major, you will be assigned an academic advisor from among the Health Education and Promotion faculty.  This faculty member serves as the student’s academic advisor for the remainder of their time in the program. The academic advisor will meet with the student to help complete the degree completion plan by the end of their sophomore year or first year after transferring into the major. The advisor will also provide guidance on course selection for the student’s remaining undergraduate career.

Prior to each fall and spring registration period, a mandatory advising hold is placed on every continuing undergraduate student’s account. It is the student's responsibility to seek an appointment with their academic advisor prior to registration for each spring and fall term to receive guidance and to have their mandatory advising hold removed.

Health Science Advising Materials

All advising materials are meant as supplemental guides. Students should refer to their academic requirements report for official requirements and completion status.