Community Health Concentration

Become a change agent as you gain the skills and knowledge to improve the health practices of individuals and communities.

The master’s in health science with a concentration in community health prepares you to understand the factors that influence health-related behaviors and apply theory to promote healthy practices. In this concentration, students can study a number of areas, including:

  • Social, cultural and psychological determinants of health behavior with foundations in epidemiology and the biological and behavioral sciences
  • The dynamics and methods of planned change in the social and behavioral sciences
  • Political and social action theory, community organization and development, and interpersonal techniques for influencing behavioral change
  • The application of knowledge and theory in health service settings and the community

Community health graduates can pursue careers as health education specialists in a variety of settings: voluntary health agencies such as the American Diabetes and American Lung Associations; health maintenance organizations and hospitals; private business and industry; or government agencies. Students holding current credentials in pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, nutrition, or other health professions may combine those skills and redirect their careers toward community health, non-clinical employment or an expansion of their own practices with an education component.

Suggested Course Sequence

Each student is required by the Office of Graduate Studies to complete and file a Program of Study (PoS) with the program director. A proposed course sequence has been developed that can be used along with faculty advisement when preparing a Program of Study.

Students are encouraged to enroll in HLTH 615 and HLTH 639 as their first courses and may pursue elective courses in business administration, curriculum development, disability, training and development, evaluation, instructional technology and media, mass communications, gerontology, program planning, measurement and evaluation, research, and school administration. View the admission and degree requirements in the Graduate Catalog. Course offerings may vary from semester to semester and require you to follow an alternate plan other than the suggested course sequence.

Plan in Advance

View the Department of Health Science Projected Schedule of Graduate Courses (PDF).