School Health Education Concentration

Help children in your community stay happy and healthy with the new knowledge you will gain in the School Health Education concentration.

The master’s in health science with a concentration in school health education provides a sound professional education program through a core of required health science courses that prepare you with the knowledge and skills to:  

  • Identify and interpret research relevant to health and health education in schools and school systems
  • Successfully coordinate the total school health program
  • Understand and address current critical health issues such as drug education, environment education, sex and family education, and critical issues in school health

You can tailor the program to meet your personal goals beyond the required courses. Consider skills you will need and future career options when choosing electives, which can help you:

  • Improve classroom health teaching by advancing students’ overall knowledge of health
  • Prepare for supervisory or coordination positions through exposure to content and/or skills such as curriculum development, administration, program planning, business management
  • Develop skills as a health educational media specialist through coursework in curriculum design, behavioral sciences, and instructional technology
  • Learn the data analysis, research methodology, tests and measurement, and curriculum evaluation skills required of a program evaluation specialist
  • Advance your knowledge of continuing education and school personnel development through courses in group dynamics, curriculum design, personnel management, school administration and adult education

Suggested Course Sequence

Each student is required by the Office of Graduate Studies to complete and file a Program of Study (PoS) with the program director. A proposed course sequence has been developed that can be used along with faculty advisement when preparing a Program of Study. Students are encouraged to enroll in HLTH 601, HLTH 615, and HLTH 639 as their first courses.  

View the admission and degree requirements in the Graduate Catalog. Course offerings may vary from semester to semester and require you to follow an alternate plan other than the suggested course sequence. Additional certification is required to teach health in Maryland. This degree does not certify a student as a health teacher in Maryland or as a supervisor or administrator in a school setting.

Plan in Advance

View the Department of Health Science Projected Schedule of Graduate Courses (PDF).