Stephanie Kimble

Major: Health Science

Kimble, pictured with David Benedict, assisted the Red Cross with crisis management following flooding in Louisiana.

When Stephanie Kimble began looking at colleges, Towson University offered benefits not found at many schools.

“I love TU’s campus and community,” she explains. “The campus is safe, and it’s beautiful, too.”

Kimble also cites other reasons for enjoying the university: academic rigor, hands-on work experience, experienced faculty.

“All TU professors challenge you,” Kimble says. “They’re very knowledgeable and well-versed in their fields. My adviser, especially, has been great.”

The health science major also cites her program’s format as beneficial: an internship is required in every undergraduate student’s final year, which prepares them for life after school. Kimble’s internship for the Red Cross has been especially helpful.

“I traveled to Louisiana in August 2016,” she says. “Red Cross gave me the opportunity to help with flooding caused by excessive rain. I want work in crisis management, and this internship has provided the hands-on experience I need in that area.”

All TU professors challenge you. They’re very knowledgeable and well-versed in their fields. My adviser, especially, has been great.”

Stephanie Kimble

Kimble worked 10-12 hours every day for two weeks under the supervision of Red Cross employees. In addition to handing out food and water to those in need, she evaluated reports and maps and presented her findings to headquarters daily. Kimble also performed needs assessments, a process in which the Red Cross prioritizes who gets help first. At the end of each day she slept on a cot.

“It was tough, but the work was fulfilling,” Kimble remembers. “There’s an immediate reward in knowing you’re helping others.”

Kimble continues to work with the Red Cross in Maryland. Wherever she goes from here — whether she travels with the Red Cross or another organization — she’s prepared to make a difference because of her time at TU.