Department of Interprofessional Health Studies

It takes strong teamwork and constant collaboration to provide the highest quality health care and to consistently achieve best practices across the continuum of health care professions.

The department offers a range of interdisciplinary, collaborative and applied programs that prepare you to improve lives as health care managers, planners, practitioners, autism-focused professionals, and other types of clinicians and specialists. You will gain a broad understanding of how health care services are organized and you will apply that knowledge to a specific area of study as you build your leadership and teamwork skills.

Recognized Programs

Our programs are recognized for both their academic rigor and innovation.

Respected Faculty

Across all programs, faculty members share our commitment to prepare you to apply expert knowledge and skills to meet the increasingly diverse health care workforce needs.   Our faculty members excel in teaching, research and service in their respective fields, and their valuable perspectives of the industry and of Towson’s programs can help you select the course of study best-suited to your interests.