Cyrus Engineer

Clinical Professor and Director, Health Care Management

Cryus Engineer

As a teenager, Cyrus Engineer was sidelined for nearly a year battling a bacterial infection that doctors in his native India misdiagnosed. That experience planted the seeds for Engineer’s lifelong quest for quality in health care delivery and management.

That quest has taken him around the world, but a few years ago Engineer capitalized on an opportunity to train new generations of health care professionals. “I joined the Towson faculty because Towson offers an environment in which I can motivate undergraduates and make a difference in their lives,’ explains Engineer, who directs the health care management program, one of the fastest growing programs in the College of Health Professions.

“Health care spending accounts for about 18 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product. As the population ages and the need for geriatric care increases, the health care sector will continue to grow with a broadening focus on quality,” explains Engineer. “Quality management and patient safety are two of the most important domains in health care. We are preparing our students to excel in entry-level (early career) health care management positions and beyond.”

Towson offers an environment in which I can motivate undergraduates and make a difference in their lives. ”

Cyrus Engineer

Engineer brings an international perspective to the classroom. He led efforts to gain the first quality certification for any health care institution in India at a time when few formal accreditation programs existed in the country. He was a team member on the World Health Organization’s First Global Patient Safety Challenge and led a multi-country campaign to promote hand hygiene and eliminate infections in health care environments, with about 17,000 health care organizations in 123 countries endorsing the campaign.

Most recently, he was faculty and country director for Johns Hopkins University’s operations in Afghanistan, where he oversaw the largest annual health facility survey in the world. He recently received the Global Achievement Award from Johns Hopkins for his contributions in the international health arena.